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Become a Re-seller

Become a FastNETPro Reseller

Become an Authorized FastNETPro-Re-seller

Start Your Own Profitable Web design Company
and online advertising & Digital Marketing business

Become an authorized FastNETPro Re-seller,


Build Your Own Successful Web Business - With Little Capital
You can Earn over N200,000 Monthly...

By Reselling our Web Products & Services.
You can Start Your Own Profitable Web design Company

and online advertising & Digital Marketing business

with ZERO experience: YOU do not need to know how to design websites or coding to start this business.


Become Our Re-seller and start Smiling the to bank...the web industry is RED HOT right now!
Resell our web products & services for as high as N10,000 - N50,000+ in commissions per sale.
(So many web products and services available to Re-sellers...)


web man

As an authorized FastNETPro Reseller,
with complete access to RE-SELL all our products & services (Plus Marketing blueprints)




Your Website Will Look Like this Below:




FastNETProFastNETPro.com is a leading website design company & a major online advertising agency/Digital Marketing firm in Nigeria.

We've worked with almost everybody from start-ups to established businesses, and major corporate, financial & government agencies who rely on us to promote their business online/offline.

We deal with a huge variety of projects and clients, We work both directly with clients and also for other agencies who need websites and branding & advertising for their own clients.

Whatever the project, we use the same production process and technology - allowing us to build everything from small business projects to enterprise-class projects for large businesses in record time.


We have worked with almost everybody from start-ups to established businesses and counting.

Our Clients


And our re-sellers have made Millions in commissions and pure profits, and you could become our next top earning authorized Re-seller.

You don’t have to wait till you can get a loan or secure a 9 -5 job, you can become your own boss today!


You can start earning money while working at your own time



Why should you go into website design and digital marketing business?

It's Simple: The WEB industry is a BIG money business. 
(During the past elections alone, over N30 Billion was spent on web and digital advertising by politicians alone)

Just look around you...

Presently in Nigeria, there are are little to NO job opportunities. The best bet for an unemployed or under-employed person is to start a web business. (You can even do this as a side business)

The Good news is that you don't need much capital or even any previous experience to start this. You could earn N200,000 or more Monthly re-selling our products and services, Without even knowing how to design websites or other technical things we do...
(Just outsource to us, we do the work... you earn commissions)

Right now is an awesome time to be in the web design business, especially in a developing economy like Nigeria, because the Nigerian web market is RED HOT right now


Below are some real facts and statistics to consider about web business:

  • Web design and digital marketing is over a Billion dollars per year industry in the USA alone, so what do you think it's worth in Nigeria?.

  • Over 450 Million domain names exist worldwide and about 1.3Million registered monthly.

  • Nigeria is Africa's largest economy and the most populated African country.

  • Nigeria still has the highest number of internet users in Africa at 76,366,179 followed by Egypt, Morroco, Kenya and South Africa.

  • Nigeria is the fastest growing mobile market in the world, with more than 129 million active mobile subscribers as at April 2014

  • Here in Nigeria a total of 3,234 .ng domain names were registered and renewed for the month of March 2015 and estimated to peak over 50,000 by the end of 2015.
    So how many website design and digital marketing/advertising jobs do you think is available?..

  • For every 100 domain names registered, over 25 new website job and digital marketing is available to web designers...

  • Coming to digital marketing and online advertising, Google and Facebook makes over Billion yearly from advertisers and Nigeria is still the highest spenders in Africa.

  • The list just continues... So the question is what are you waiting for?

We have so many hot selling products and services you can resell; below are few of them:

RESELL: Website Design Services

Refer a Client to us for Website Design and Make N10,000 - N60,000 Per Client (All Kinds of Websites; eCommerce included)

RESELL: Website Design Services

RESELL: Web Hosting and Mobile App Development

Make N3,000 - N30,000 Per Client You sent to us. Mobile app is the way forward and clients are paying BIG for it

RESELL: Web Hosting and Mobile App Development

RESELL: Ready Made Websites
(High Commission Per Sale)

Make N20,000 - N50,000 For Every Website You Sell. So many Premium websites for Sale.

Ready-Made Websites for Sale (HOT SALE)

RESELL: Online Branding and Social Media Promotion

Make N10,000 - N30,000 Per Client you sent to us. Help clients promote their business online. {BIG MONEY BUSINESS}

Online Branding and Social Media Promotion


RESELL: Email Marketing and Fresh Nigerian Database

Make N5,000 - N50,000 Per Sale. Download and Resell our 2Million+ email database. And other email marketing services...

Email Marketing and Fresh Database

RESELL: Web Training Videos Courses

Make N5,000 - N7,000 Per Video Course You Sell. Download all Video Courses worth over N100,000 and Sell for any amount of your choice! (Many people wants to learn web and I.T skills) It's big money business if well promoted!

Web Training Videos Courses

And so Much More Products and Services You can Re-sell

Complete Access To Loads Of Hot Selling Products and Services! WITH PERIODIC UPDATES OF NEW PRODUCTS)

You Will Get Your Own Premium Customized Website, all you need to change is your LOGO and contact address. You can also modify your pricing... Within Less Than A Week You Are Ready To Do BUSINESS!




Sign Up and Apply to get your re-seller License

We only authorize about 10 - 20 new re-sellers every  3 months.
If you are accepted, you will get your own website  as an authorized Re-seller.

First step is to pick a Re-seller Plan within your budget and Sign up.
We have three re-seller plans.

You can upgrade anytime.


You Get Your Website

You Will Get Your Own Premium Customized Website,
Choose a Website Domain name, all you need to change is your LOGO and contact address. You can also modify your pricing... (We can also help you modify your site)

 This is like reselling web hosting or bulk SMS, but this is much more profitable because you have multiple products & services to sell.


Start selling and earning

With access to all our products and services, you can start selling and keep 100% of the money.

However; if you cannot provide a particular service to your client, you can send us the client and you make a commission between 10%  -  50% or even more!

Advertise your website using emails, SMS, small newspaper adverts, forums, social media, magazines....

Access to Resellers Resources

You will get complete access to download all our products with marketing blueprints on how to maximize profits selling each product and services.

The difference between a successful and failed web business is MARKETING BLUEPRINT.

It's all about marketing blueprints, tip, tricks, guides etc...
You might be wondering how do you make up-to N200,000 doing this business?
That's what the FastNETPro Re-sellers Marketing Blueprint (FRMB) is all about, you will get detailed information on how to market and promote your re-seller business, your success is our success,

Because of this reason we do not give out much re-sellers licenses, this is to enable us focus on the new re-sellers and make them a success.

And we will provide you with all the tools you need to run your entire business. With ongoing support.

Read the requirements below and Get started now:

What are the Requirements to Start this Business?

  • Anyone, any age, anywhere in Nigeria or even worldwide

  • You do not need to know how to code or design websites to start your own business

  • No experience needed to set-up this business, just a computer and internet access

  • Willingness to put in practice and work hard.

  • And a little money to signup as an authorized re-seller, we are even running a promo now... So it's very cheap to become our re-seller as of now.

  • Finally you need to act fast, only 15 re-seller spots are available now, we cannot accept more than 15 people and thousands of people are reading this page right now.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is what a typical re-seller website will look like: www.sparkmedia.com.ng
(If you become a re-seller, your own website will look like that too, all you need to change is your LOGO and contact address. You can also modify your pricing... (We can also help you modify your site)
Well, it's an authorization for you to become our re-seller. The license comes with access to our products and services including your own customized website.
On average, it will take us between 1 - 3 working days to get your website ready and you are ready to do serious business.
Well it's simple logic, everybody is coming online now, every business small or large, and becoming a re-seller means you will be able to provide these new businesses products and services they need, and you will make a lot of money doing this.
Yes, and that's why we do not accept much people, so we can maximize the profit of our few re-sellers, your success is our success, we are better-of with 15 re-sellers that make between N200,000 - N300,000 monthly in commissions than 100 re-sellers that makes no money.
The license is valid for 1 year, you will re-new your license yearly. And this will also renew your website, hosting and everything.





Only 15 Re-seller Licenses are Available at this time.

We cannot accept more than 15 people!

Become an Authorized FastNETPro-Re-seller

If you are lucky... you might get a license.

Become a Re-seller: Get Your License Now!

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You will be surprised with the kind of freedom this business offers. You can work from anywhere...